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Truth about Servals

Are Servals dangerous to the public- No- But there's no denying that some of the large species of "wild" cats can easily injure or kill a person but it is rare that this even happens. The Serval is a medium sized cat that if they do some how get out they would run from danger. You are more likely to be bit by your neighbours small dog before being attacked by a Serval.

If I buy a Serval will he/she hurt my other pets? When you get your little bundle of joy they will quickly become part of the family. The other animals in your household will become part of their pride and will learn to trust them. They will bond with them like he does you. My Duma cat loves our other pets she thinks they are part of her Pride.

Is it true you have to give them different Vaccinations? Yes they MUST have a KILLED virus vaccine every time. So before you go to your Vets call ahead to make sure they have the right vaccine available for your cat. Always always a Killed one VERY IMPORTANT!!

Is it true not everyone should own a Serval? Yes I do not recommend them for everyone. They need extra care and attention. It is very important you socialize your cat. Get them use to children, noise, & other pets. Take them for car rides, walks in the park. Do not by any means isolate them. If you work full time I do not recommend you own one. They really love and need to be around you.

Do I need a Cites to own one? I would recommend you get a Cites Pet Passport. If you plan on leaving the country or you are importing a Serval from another country you need a Cites permit. If you are traveling with your cat you must have a Cites Pet Passport and keep in mind not all Provinces or States will let these cats in. Find out where you can go before you travel or buy. You must make arrangements with the boarder in advance if crossing with a Serval domesticated of other wise. You have to have a cites for any cats that are Servals to F4's to cross the boarders. Contact Cites office to find out more about what you need.

Can I let my Serval run free in the yard? No if your Serval gets out he will run in fear. He will not come home and will be hard to catch. Do not let them out without a harness and leash on them. I would also recommend a tracking collar. We use the loCATor on our cats. Visit their web site at http://www.thecatlocator.com/

Are these cats like a regular house Cat? - Yes these are very close to the regular house cats you have always had. Keep in mind they need more time spent handling them and are almost dog like, they love to play games of fetch. Once a Serval has your love and trust he/she will bond to you for life. Keep in mind this is at least a 15 to 20 year committment. Servals do not rehome well but if you do need to rehome contact other Serval owners or the breeder. Do not get one if you are not 100% committed for life! They do have a special diet so go to our caring for your serval page to find out more about caring for one. They are a little harder to house train so I recommend having more then one "big" litter box. They do not cover their pee/pooh up so I use wood pellers like you use for a wood stove. The pellets obsorb better then normal litter. Keep their boxes extra clean and you should have no problems with your cat. I do recommend having your cats spayed and neutered if they are not spayed or neutered they will spay everywhere just like a regular "Tom Cat".


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