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Who should own a Serval


Who should own one? Someone that has done their research. Servals require special care. Just like any animal. They need unconditional love and companionship. If you work full time and are only home a few hours a day this cat may not be for you. They love to spend time with you and need to be socialized.

They should have a large area that is fenced outside that also has a top. Servals cannot be allowed to run loose even if you live in a rural area, so the question of how best to accomodate them and meet their needs should be a major decision for a new serval owner. They are extremely difficult to capture if they get loose; they will not return home routinely the way a domestic cat does.

The best way to keep a serval is with access to both the house and an outdoor enclosure, as they derive a great deal of pleasure from both. The outdoor enclosure would preferably be connected to some part of your house via a lockable dog door. That way your serval can come and go at will, but you can lock him in or out when you need to. The outdoor enclosure is a great place for the cat to burn off energy, play, and enjoy the outdoors in safety. Enclosures should be padlocked for safety.

So an apartment would not suit this cat. They love to get out and play. You can leash train them and take them for walks as well.

These cats are a cat lovers dream come true. If you are willing to make the 10 to 20 year commitment and have the time to put in, then this cat could be for you. They are very loving cats. Keep in mind they do not rehome well and bond to you for life. So please do your research and go and visit some breeders and spend some time with some of these majestic cats before you buy.



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