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Legalizing our cats

We are working hard to make sure bylaws do not ban these majestic cats. Above is a picture of Duma Serval and Ramsey Serval. They are like the Ambassadors of the Domesticated Serval Society of BC.

What is on our agenda:

Feb 16th & 17th 2013 Come and Visit us at the "Pet Lovers Show" at the Tradex in Abbotsford we are in booths 202-204. If you have never seen a Savannah or Serval this is your chance to meet one in person.

Tuesday Nov 27th 2012 there is the final vote to ban Servals in Maple Ridge BC. Please show up if you want to help please vote to keep these animals they are our pets our family our lives!!

Jan 2013- Update on Maple Ridge they are not going to ban the Savannah and Servals from Maple Ridge they are just trying to find away to write them into their bylaw so in the mean time they are not inforcing law.

We will be working on legalising them in Vancouver area and then Coquitlam in 2013. Keep posted for meeting in these areas.


Visit our facebook page Domesticated Servals and hit the like button and you can contact us through there or email Dumaserval@shaw.ca

The Serval has been domesticated for over 5000 years, the ancient Egyptians not only had these majestic cats as pets but they worshiped the serval for its grace and power. This is a highly intelligent animal and as a pet is very much dog like.

Does this cat below in the picture look dangerous to you. These are special animals and until you met one in person do not judge them.


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